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Crusade for Christ: Smith following purpose to bring people together

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Millington ministers Rita Montgomery and Kathy Smith are joining forces with other area clergy to conduct the Refining Fire Crusade in Memphis this November.

Millington ministers Rita Montgomery and Kathy Smith are joining forces with other area clergy to conduct the Refining Fire Crusade in Memphis this November.

The word has spread throughout Millington.
Covington and Ripley are on board now. Now Minister/event planner Kathy Smith is ready to get more involved for this November’s Refining Fire Crusade.
Smith is joining forces with other local ministers and pastors to form the Crusade to be held Nov. 10-12 at the Cook Convention Center located at 225 North Main Street in Memphis.
“This is the first one of its kind that I am doing,” Smith said. “This is actually ordained by God. God has commissioned me some years ago to do this. However I was hesitant. But in 2016 the Lord continuously gave it to me and I finally gave the Lord a complete, ‘Yes.’ And what He said was, ‘And the masses would come.”
Smith has been involved in ministry for several years working alongside her husband Pastor Quintin Smith at Historical First Baptist Church in Millington.
So far joining Historical First Baptist in the Crusade are Holy Faith United Ministries Church, New Living Well Worship Center and United Christian Fellowship Church.
Rita Montgomery of United is helping Smith reach out other churches across the Mid-South and get the mission statement out through the media.
“It’s a part of the body of Christ which aims to replicate in the United States of America the great commission left by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18,” Smith said. “Our objective is to build a spiritual Army that will conquer strong holds and break negative mindset. To bring healing to the mind, body and soul.
“And ultimately change lives through divine encounters with the supernatural power and authority received through Jesus Christ,” she continued. “Refining Fire Crusade aspires to grow and develop believers through discipleship so they may witness and disciple others expending the Kingdom of God.”
So far 41 women have joined the cause for the Crusade.
“For the Crusade, the Lord told me to just ask the people to be a part of the ministry,” Smith recalled. “He said he would build an 100-member team of soldiers. As of right now we have 41 members who decided to be soldiers in the body of Christ and His army.
“In the next meeting of May, we’re inviting men to be a part of the ministry,” Smith added. “I’m looking for God to do what He said He would do, send 100.”
Smith said 15 men have verbally committed before the calendar turns to May. There is still a need for more men who are saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit.
“As for the men, it is imperative that men who are pastors and ministers get out and get involved in ministering — not just coming out to sit and look,” Smith said. “Men should be the one coming out laying hands on men.”
All involved and getting involved in the Crusade believe in the starting point message.
“The message is ‘Be ye unbound,’” she said. “A lot of the time what happens is the enemy holds us hostage. And we’re not able to go to the full potential in the ministry in the area God is requiring for us to go. We have to be unbound and loosen from the things the enemy has had us bound.”
Refining Fire Crusade hosts monthly meeting at 4284 Shelby Road in Millington. For more information and to join the Crusade, call 901-257-9092 or email

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