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NEWS ALERT: Millington Huey’s opens today at 11 a.m.

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Huey's 1 Huey's 2 Huey's 3 Huey's 4The trio of sisters Samantha Boggs-Dean, Lauren McHugh Robinson and Ashley Boggs-Robilio were the center of attention this morning.

It was finally time for the sisters to officially open the ninth Huey’s Restaurant. The unveiling took place at the Shoppes of Millington Farms at the corner of 8570 Highway 51 North.

“We’re extremely happy to be here,” Boggs-Dean said, head of Marketing and Special Project. “This is the place to be. We’re just really excited and looking forward to see what this restaurant is going to do.”

The new Huey’s location will open today at 11 a.m. to the public. The Huey’s property is located near Aspen Dental and Buffalo Wild Wings in the Shoppes of Millington Farms, a 125,000-square-foot retail center that was developed by Gil Ryan just north of Lowe’s.

The general contractor, Traditional Construction Co. Inc, started this project in mid-December. The restaurant measures slightly more than 4,100 square feet and includes a 900-square-foot patio. The total seating capacity will be about 200.

The Millington Area Chamber of Commerce led by Dianne Baker, Millington city leaders and Rosemary Bridges of the South Tipton Chamber were on hand for the grand opening and ribbon cutting. Also in attendance was Millington Mayor Terry Jones.

“To have somebody here like this, the family had the confidence to come to Millington,” Jones said. “In order for them to put in a facility like this and open a business like this in Millington, we’re just excited. We’re just glad they had the confidence to do all of this. We’re glad of what they’re going to bring here to Millington.

“Thanks to Gil Ryan who had that vision to come here,” he continued. “And Tom Marshall who was another developer who came out here, they all worked together. Along with the TIF program, that’s what really helped us. It didn’t cost the tax payer anything to get that infrastructure in order to bring the Shoppes of Millington Farms here. That was a shot in the arm Millington really needed to get that boost for the businesses to come here.”

Boggs-Dean said she hopes the arrival of Huey’s will be the sign of more businesses to come to Millington.

“I think one of the things we’re really looking forward to is just doing things with the community,” she said. “Do lots of different charity and doing some things with the schools. And we want to see more business come this way since we’re out here.”

Huey’s Area Manager Steve Voss said the restaurant will combine the purpose of food, entertainment and partying with community involvement. Before Monday’s opening, Huey’s hosted soft opening to invited guests on behalf of the Millington Crisis Center.

“We’re incredibly excited to be here in Millington,” Voss said. “We’ve been looking to be out here for 8 to 12 years. It’s finally got to a point to where we felt like it’s a great opportunity to be out here.

“Working at Huey’s is fun,” he added. “It’s family and it’s friends. We hope you come in and get yourself a world-famous Huey’s burger. We’ve got live music on Sunday nights. It’s just a great family environment.”

Those soft opening raised more than $3,000 for the Millington Crisis Center. Huey’s has several traditions ranging from giving back to writing on the walls.

The Millington general manager will be Hollis Ranson. The Millington location joins other Huey’s in Collierville, Cordova, Downtown Memphis, Germantown, Midtown, East Memphis, Southaven and Southwind.
Huey’s was founded in 1970 by Alan Gary. The Boggs family owns the restaurant today after buying it in 1976.

Now the newest Huey’s is open for business.

“Hopefully when they come here, they enjoy what we have to offer,” Voss concluded. “It’s fun, family and friends. It’s a laid back, casual environment. Have a great time and have fun, enjoy yourself.”

For Jones the opening of Huey’s is a milestone and hopefully a sign of more growth to come in Millington.

“It shows you what the future could bring too,” the Mayor concluded. “If we could just get that one good business here, maybe that could start to bring those rooftops in. That’s what we really need. The businesses we have now have provided jobs. You’re talking 500 new jobs that have been brought here in the last year or so.”

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This is the ninth location of the Huey’s local chain. Huey’s Germantown (7677 Farmington Blvd) was the latest store opening back in February 2014. Huey’s has been serving up blues, brews, and burgers since 1970 and is still run by the Boggs’ family.

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