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Old Timers owner closes business for personal reasons

By Thomas Sellers Jr.
Photos Old Timers ClosedOne of Millington’s well-known establishments is closed.
Motorists and normal patrons of Old Timers Restaurant, located at 7918 C Street, noticed an empty parking lot last week. On Thursday some visitors were met by a sign reading “closed until further notice” on the door.
The Millington Star reached out to ownership for a statement on the status of the long-time restaurant last week.
Old Timers owner Wanda “Kay” Marcello said she made the decision to close the eatery at the moment to deal with private issues including her health.
“We’re still heartbroken over the losing Chef Joey,” she said. “I haven’t had time grieve my husband and my sons haven’t had to time to grieve losing their father.
“We’ll like a chance to grieve in privacy,” Marcello continued. “It’s time for me to shutdown and reboot or I”m going to crash.”
Last June Joseph Paul Marcello III passed away after a battle with cancer. He was known in Millington as Old Timers’ owner and chef. Wanda along with sons Jeremy and Joseph IV were left to run the business.
Wanda said last week’s decision to close down Old Timers wasn’t financial but a personal decision she felt needed to be made now.
“I have consulted friends and priest to make this decision,” she said. “I have faith in God that He’ll cry us through. So please pray for us and keep all of us in your prayers.”
Marcello said she will make more details available on the restaurant’s future in due time. For now she’s asking the community to respect her sons and her privacy.
“We want to say thank you to all our loyal customers and friends,” she concluded. “As we are seeking our own answers, please respect our privacy. At this time as we deal with our issues, gave my sons and me that respect of privacy.”

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