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Millington Elementary salutes retiring trio

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Millington Elementary retireesThere are many exemplar educators that work in the Millington Municipal School System.  Three of those outstanding employees work at Millington Elementary and are retiring at the end of this year.  Cathy Garrett, Carolyn O’Neal and Barbara Daniels are retiring.
Cathy Garrett began working in education thirty-seven years ago and has taught at Millington Elementary for the past eight years. She will be retiring as one of our Pre-K teachers.  Her fondest memory of her distinguished career is when one of her former students listed her as one of five people who had a positive influence on his life and wanted her to attend his Make-A-Wish event. She is looking forward to spending more time with her husband, not being on a schedule, and traveling when she moves on to this next chapter in her life.
Carolyn O’Neal has been working in education for thirty-one years, and has worked at Millington Elementary since it opened in 2004. She has enjoyed seeing her students improve academically and do well on state achievement tests over the years. She also has fond memories of defeating her fifth graders in basketball games! She is looking forward to resting, relaxing, and traveling to see family members in her retirement.
Barbara Daniels has worked in education for thirty-nine years and five months. She has worked as the financial secretary at Millington Elementary from the first day that it opened. Her fondest memory of her career is having the opportunity to work with awesome people over the years and getting to see the tiny, sweet, pre-school students.  She is most looking forward to everything in her retirement!
Jackie Robinson once said, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” These ladies have had a positive impact on many lives over the course of their career in education.  We will miss them and wish them all the best in their retirement

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