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Board approves proposal for inspecting, cleaning Underground Water Reservoir

By Bill Short
Flag City LogoThe Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has unanimously adopted a resolution approving a proposal for inspection and cleaning of the city’s Underground Water Reservoir.
Board members took the action during their May 8 regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Don Lowry and seconded by Alderman Al Bell.
The resolution acknowledges that there are “multiple acceptable ways” to accomplish this project. But it states that a Request for Proposals was issued, because it allows the city to obtain the services in the “most economical manner.”
City Finance Director John Trusty said there are two methods of inspecting and cleaning an underground water reservoir.
“One is to completely drain it and then let somebody go in a closed space of confinement and inspect it,” he noted. “The other way is to do it kind of like a pool vacuum, with a diver going in.”
Trusty said the latter method is the “least expensive” way to do it.
He noted that eight companies submitted proposals, with the “three best” ranging from $2,350 to $4,850.
The resolution states that a “management committee” within the Millington Public Works Department evaluated the proposals.
The committee recommended SE Diving Services LLC, because it has “satisfactorily” performed such services for the city in the past, and it submitted the “lowest-cost” proposal.
The resolution authorizes City Manager Ed Haley to sign all documents necessary to have the services performed.

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