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Public Notice


Notice is hereby given of Public Hearings to be held by the

Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Millington, TN

on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, at City Hall, 7930 Nelson Rd.

The hearings are to receive public comments on the following

ordinances which are available for review at City Hall during

regular business hours.


  • Ordinance 2017-6 Amending the FY17 Budget
  • Ordinance 2017-7 Amending Title 1, General Administration,

of the Millington Municipal code

  • Ordinance 2017-8 Amending Title 3, Municipal Court, of the

Millington Municipal Code

  • Ordinance 2017-9 Amending Title 4, Municipal Personnel, of

the Millington Municipal Code

  • Ordinance 2017-10 Amending Title 8, Alcoholic Beverages, of

the Millington Municipal Code

  • Ordinance 2017-11 Amending Title 18, Water and Sewers, of

the Millington Municipal Code

  • Ordinance 2017-12 Adopting the Fiscal Year 2018 Operating

and Capital Improvement Budgets for the City of

Millington and to Establish Budget Related Procedures

and Controls

  • Ordinance 2017-13 Approving Tax Rate for Real Property and

Personal Property for Tax Year 2017 (FY18)


Terry G. Jones, Mayor


Division of Water Resources

Iliani R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower • 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, film Floor • Nashville, Tennessee 37243
TO 1VHO/IJ JT MAY CONCERN: Me application described below has been submitted for an Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit under The Tennessee Water Quality Control Act of 1977, T.C.A. §69-3- 108. In addition, fcdernl permits may be required from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Tennessee Valley Authority under §404 of the Clean Water Act and §26a of the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, respectively. Scction 401 of the Clean Water Act requires that an applicant
obtain a water quality certification from the state when a permit is required. This notice may cover applications subject to §401.
No decision has been made whether to issue or deny this application. The purpose of this notice is to inrun interested par- ties of this pcrmit application and to ask for comments and information necessary to determine possible impacts to water quality. Persons wishing to comment on the prnposal are invited to submit written comments to the Division. Written com- ments must be received wlthln thirty days of the dnte thnt thh notice IS Q0sted. Comments will bccomc pan of thc tccord and will be considered in the final decision. The applicant’s name and prrmit number should be referenced. Send all writ- ten Comments to the Division’s address listed obove end to the attention of the permit coordinator (indicated below). You may also comment via email to After the Division makes a final permit decision, a permit appeal may be filed by the applicant or by any person who panicipated in the public comment period whose appeal is based on commcnts given lo the Division in writing during the public comment period or in testimony at a formal public hearing.

The permit application, supporting documentation including detailed plans and maps, and related comments arc available ac the Division’s addrcss (listed above) for rctvic›v and/or copying or by visiting the TDEC wcbsitc at hcips://›vww,cn,gov/environment/topic/ppo-\v2tsr and searching on the Application Number listed bclo\v.
tntercsccd persons may also request in writing that the Division hold apublic hearing on this application. The request must be filed within the comrncnt period, indicate the interest of the person requesting it. the reason(s) that chc hearing is war- rnnted, and the water quality issues being raiscd. When thctu is sufficient public interest in svatcr quality issues, the Division shall hold a public hearing in accordance svith 0400-40-07-.04(4)(I).
In deciding whether to issue or deny a permit, the Division svill considcr all comments of record and the requirements of applicablc federnl and state lasvs. In making this decision, a determination will be madc regarding the lost value of the resource compared to the value of any proposed mitigation. The Division shall consider practicable alternatives to the alter- ation, loss of waters or habitat, diminishmcnt in biological diversity, cumulative or secondary impacts to the svater resource, and adverse impacts to unique. high quality, or impaired waters.

APPLICANT: John Kuba Director, Environmental Affairs Plains and Enstcm Clean Line LLC (PECL) 1001 McKinsey,
Suite 700 Houslon, TX 77002 (832) 319-6361
LOCA7TON: The proposed project originates in Tennessee ac the Mississippi River in Tipton Caunty and ends approxi- maicly five miles northeast of Millington (Shclby County), Tennessee at Latitude 35.3893, Longitude -89.7968.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION / PURPOSE: The proposcd project is part of an approximately 720 mile ovcrhcad 600 kilovolt (Kv) high-voltage dimct current (HVDC) electric trnnsmission systetri and associated facilities that svill deliver renewable energy. The part of development in Tcnncsscc involves I6 milcs of transmission Lincs, approximately 60 miles a£ access roads, and the establishment af a pcnnancnt utility line casement ?00 feet in width.
Construction and maintenance of thc utility line easements will require approximately 5.18 acres of tempornry impacts to wetland, 140 linear feet of stmam crossings, 0.12 acres of permanent impacts to wetlands, 18.23 acres of conversion of forested wetland to shrub scrub, and 24.33 ucres of riparian conversion (forested, shrub, svet weather conveyances, adjacent agriculturnl areas an all included) to shrubfscrub vegetation. In the conversion amas the applicant will maintain trees and shrubs to a height of less than 10-feet. A cumulative effects analysis of the proposed tempornry, conversion, and
resources has preliminary concluded that the attention activities will not result in rim over
all net loss

value in any of the hydrologic units crossed by the project. All temporary impacts svill be restored to pre-existing conditions and monitored.

WATERSHED / WATERBODY DESCRIPTION: The proposed project is located in the Bear Creek:/ Mississippi River HUC I? Watcrshcd (080I0000701) and the Big Creek Middle HUC I? (080l0?09030I)
To view chc proposed location of these accivitics and the watershed condition visit: and search on the pcmit number listed in the title of this Public Notice.
DETERMINATIONS: In accordance svith the Tennessee Anti-degradntion Statement (Rule 0400-40-03-.06), the Division has made a pieliminary determination that the proposed activities will result in no more than de minimis degrndation to water quality.

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