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Come See Millington: Flag City’s history on display in Downtown Memphis

By Thomas Sellers Jr.
Millington Display Downtown Millington History 1 Millington History 2 Millington History 3 Millington History 4 Millington History 5 Millington History 6MEMPHIS — Some of the names mentioned were Huffman, Wages, Roland, Harvell, Howard, Osteen and Baker.
Businesses like the DuPont, Millington Telephone and The Millington Star were referenced. And establishments from Millington Central High School to USA Stadium to the NSA Mid-South to Jones Orchard were part of the historic display of the City of Millington.
Behind the gathering and research of University of Memphis History professor Rita Hall, it was Millington’s turn for the Historic Display at the Vasco A. Smith Jr. County Administration Building in Downtown Memphis.
Several special guests attended the program and reception welcomed by Shelby County Commissioner and Millington native Terry Roland. Also part of the official welcome was Millington Mayor Terry Jones and Shelby County Mayor Mark L. Luttrell.
“First thing I’m going to tell you is I’m from Millington, Tennessee,” Roland said. “I was born and breaded right across from the Strand Theater and Dr. King’s Clinic. I actually have the table I was born on and the scales they weigh me.”
Roland has several important keepsakes at the family’s business Roland Tire’s like an original chair from Scottie’s.
Roland Tire’s celebrated 50 years in business two years ago. The business history of Millington was in one of three glass display cases in the lobby. Hall explained one is dedicated to business. The other two cases showcase important establishments from education and recreation.
The quarterly community exhibit in the lobby of the Shelby County administration building in downtown Memphis will showcase Millington until November.
It was about a year ago Luttrell had display cases added to the lobby of the administration building to showcase historical artifacts, pictures and documents from various towns and neighborhoods across the county. The most recent part of Shelby County on display was the Orange Mound neighborhood. Millington is the sixth community joining the likes of Rosemark, Collierville and Bartlett.
The area where the historic displays are was a part of the recent $20 million renovation. Roland noted the very building has a strong Millington connection. Millington businessmen Charles Baker originally built the structure Downtown in 1968 paying $1 million.
Roland, Jones and Luttrell all recognized Hall’s hard work on bringing the display to fruition.
Jones noted that Millington’s history is being celebrated back home with the Navy’s 100 years in Flag City and Millington Municipal Schools entering year four on Aug. 7.
Jones thanked all the current and past Aldermen who made the trip to Memphis for the ceremony. Even longtime Millington Mayor George Harvell was on hand.
Roland encouraged all those who love Millington to stop by in the next few months to see one of Shelby County’s jewels shine.
“I’m so proud to be from Millington,” he concluded. “And I am so proud of the renovations we did here because it was a guy from Millington who helped build this building. And I’m so happy to have all you here today to say thank you.”

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