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City of Millington honors Dr. Boatwright by renaming C Street

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

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Millington Mayor Terry Jones displays the State of Tennessee's proclamation to Dr. Leroy Boatwright recognizing Boatwright's nearly 60 years of service.

Millington Mayor Terry Jones displays the State of Tennessee’s proclamation to Dr. Leroy Boatwright recognizing Boatwright’s nearly 60 years of service.

Boatwright 3 Boatwright 4For years Dr. Leroy Boatwright has called 7899 C Street home.

Opening his pharmacy in Millington almost 60 years ago, Dr. Boatwright has lived up to the The Hippocratic Oath taking care of residence from across the Mid-South and Millington.

On Nov. 1, Boatwright Drugs and Pharmacy will turn 60. But it won’t be at 7899 C Street. Instead the special anniversary will be celebrated at 7899 Leroy Boatwright Street.

An effort started by members of the Millington Senior Citizen Group earlier this year came to fruition today when Millington Mayor Terry Jones announced the renaming of the portion of road in honor of Dr. Boatwright.

With his family and friends by his side, Boatwright was genuinely surprised by the ceremony and dedication.

I want to tell everybody I’m very grateful,” Boatwright said. “This was quite a shock to me. If my wife was still living she might change all your minds. I’m very grateful for all your friendships.”

Leroy and his late wife Peggy opened their business with a purpose to serve the community and make it a better place. Along with their children Steven, Laura and Emily, many residents, customers and patients would confirm the Boatwrights lived up to that decree.

A person like him only comes around once in a lifetime,” Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland told Boatwright. “Dr. Boatwright means the world to me and my family. You are my family. I love you with everything I got in me. You know that.

When I first started to run, everybody would have thought my Dad would have been the very first person I run to,” the Millington native continued. “When I decided to run. I didn’t go to my Dad. I went to see Dr. Boatwright. I think you for all the kind words, for you taking care of me all these years. There wouldn’t be no Terry Roland if it wasn’t for Dr. Boatwright.”

Many Dr. Boatwright stories were shared among the gathering in the Baker Community Center. The normal Millington Senior Citizen Group weekly meeting transformed into a party in honor of Boatwright.

As member of the Millington Board of Alderman expressed gratitude, city of Millington employees like Katie Armitage and City Manager Ed Haley made sure to personally thank the honoree.

The Millington Area Chamber of Commerce honored Boatwright recently. Director Dianne Baker took to the microphone to tell Boatwright she loved him and thank him for setting a great business example in the community.

Boatwright’s son Steven took over the operations of Boatwright Pharmacy building on his parents’ foundation of being an old-fashion drug store. Steven and staff have introduced new-age technology to the business to continue to give patients the best care.

With his consistent success in pharmaceuticals and giving back to Millington causes, schools and charities, the elder Boatwright has been recognized with other honors before the street renaming.

Boatwright was named the 2016 Millington Area Chamber of Commerce Heart & Hand Award winner. Dr. Boatwright was also honored as The Millington Star’s 2014 Man of the Year by the readers.

Now those readers, customers, patients and friends will travel along Leroy Boatwright Street at the former C Street, from 3rd Avenue to South Street.

Already a strong part of the city of Millington fabric, now Dr. Leroy Boatwright’s legacy will be a part of Flag City forever.

When I was being discharged from the Navy after World War II, I never thought Millington would be my home,” Boatwright concluded. “But I couldn’t have found a better place for it. I’m very grateful to everybody here. I hope I can live up to it. Thanks for everything.”

Follow Boatwright on Facebook and Twitter and for more information, call 872-2214.

City of Millington Proclamation

Leroy Boatwright

Street Naming Celebration

Whereas, Leroy Boatwright was born in Holly Springs, Miss., and served as a medic in the United States Navy during World War II; and

Whereas after the war, Leroy Boatwright attended and graduated from the University of Mississippi Pharmacy School in 1949; and

Whereas, in November 1957, Mr. Boatwright moved to Millington and established Boatwright Drug Company; and

Whereas, for 60 years, Leroy Boatwright has provided services for Millington citizens, supported area schools, local organizations, and the Millington Area Chamber of Commerce; and

Whereas, Mr. Boatwright is a member of the Millington Senior Citizens, a Mason, a Shriner, a dedicated public servant, and a reliable friend and neighbor; and

Whereas, the City of Millington along with the Millington Senior Citizens desired to have a street named for Mr. Boatwright to recognize his hard work and willingness to serve others; and

Whereas, Mayor Terry G. Jones,the Board of Alderman and the City of Millington are pleased to rename “C” Street from 3rd Avenue to South Street, the Leroy Boatwright Street to honor such a deserving member of our community.

Now therefore, I, Terry G. Jones, Mayor of the City of Millington along with the Board of Alderman do hereby rename “C” Street, from 3rd Avenue to South Street, the Leroy Boatwright Street

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of Millington to be affixed this 16th day of August 2017.

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