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Public Safety August 24, 2017

Public SafetyArrests
Aug. 7- 59-year-old Millington male charged with failure to appear x 2;
Aug. 8- 29-year-old Munford male charged with theft of property $500 or less;
Aug. 9- 26-year-old Ripley female charged with failure to appear; 48-year-old Millington male charged with domestic assault; simple possession or casual exchange; possession without prescription unlawful;
Aug. 10-  19-year-old Memphis female charged with theft of property $500 or less and criminal trespass; 32-year-old Millington male charged wit failure to appear x 2;
Aug. 11- 26-year-old Memphis male charged with failure to appear and revocation of suspension of sentence;  54-year-old Covington female charged with harassment;
Aug. 12- 18-year-old Atoka male charged with driving under the influence of intoxicant and simple possession or casual exchange; 30-year-old Millington female charged with possession of controlled substance with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell; 28-year-old Memphis male charged with driving under the influence of intoxicant, compliance with financial responsibility law required, expiration of certificates of plates, reckless driving, speed limit violation and simple possession or casual exchange;
Aug. 13- 56-year-old Millington male charged with public intoxication; 31-year-old Memphis female charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell and possession of drug paraphernalia

Fire Reports
August 12, 2017
DUI Blood Draw
Aug. 6- 4836 Navy Road
Aug. 11- 4836 Navy Road
Aug. 12- 4836 Navy Road
Cultivated Vegetation
Aug. 6- 6849 Center College
Emergency medical assistance
Aug. 6- 4415 Julia Cove; 4663 Navy Road; 4701 Bateman Road; 7020 Highway 51 North; 4738 Oak Harbour Trace
Aug. 7- 4606 Cedar Ridge Drive; 4750 Navy Road; 4658 Doris Circle; 5108 Brinkley Drive; 4756 Janie Cove; 4890 Bilrae South S
Aug. 8- 4701 Navy Road 101; 4277 Colorday Cove
Aug. 10- 6846 Highway 51 North; 8490 Highway 51 North; 4836 Navy Road;
Aug. 11- 7842 Highway 51 North; 4896 Ketta Lane
Aug. 12- 7842 Highway 51 North; 7842 Highway 51 North 7; 5016 Tickle View Drive; 5062 Dale Drive; 4963 Buford Avenue;
Motor vehicle incident/accident with injuries
Aug. 6- 7053 Juana Drive
Aug. 9- Wilkinsville Road and Walker Road; Paul Barrett Parkway
Passenger Vehicle Fire
Aug. 6- Paul Barrett Parkway
Aug. 10- 8265 Highway 51 North
Public Service
Aug. 7- 4059 Kerr Road
Municipal Alarm
Aug. 7- 3820 Micro Drive
Unauthorized Burning
Aug. 8- Shake Rag Road and Shelby Road;
Outside Rubbish, Trash or Waste Fire
Aug. 9- 3901 West Union Road
Assist Invalid
Aug. 10- 4961 Buford Avenue
Medical Assistance
Aug. 10- 4896 Ketta Lane
Aug. 11- 5033 Clear Creek Drive
Drug Overdose
Aug. 10- 79221 Martha Street
False Alarm or False Call
Aug. 10- 9030 Highway 51 north
Chemical Hazard
Aug. 10- 5040 Clear Creek Drive
Aug. 11- Bill Knight Avenue and Church Street
Alarm System Activated/No Fire
Aug. 12- 9260 Quito Road

City Court Reports
August 8, 2017
Peter R. Morgan-238 Fellowship Bap Church Road, Millington, violation of probation and failure to appear;
Hearing Waiver Bind Over
Candance N. Benson- 281 Bickford Avenue No. 403, Memphis, theft of property over $1,000 to $10,000
Danielle N. Nix- 7820 Hickory Meadow Road, Millington, charged with two counts of aggravated assault aggravated child abuse and assault, all charges bond set $100,000
Jason T. Bivens- 3940 Clover Hill Drive, Memphis, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container (over 21), underage consumption of alcohol, four charges of reckless endangerment, granted diversion/probation
Curtis Mathews- 3223 Clearbrook Street, Memphis, violation of probation, guilty plea 6 months jail, 5 days credit
Angela S. McCullogh- 6348 Port Royal Drive, Millington, driving while license suspended/revoked/canceled, guilty pleas $50 fine; speeding, guilty plea $50 fine
Harvey J. Harris- 4272 Shelby Road, Millington, possession of a controlled substance, $1,000 fine plus cost, 11/129 jail with 10/29 suspended,
Amanda E. Miller, 145 Gilt Edge Road, Atoka, theft of property under $500, $350 fine plus cost, 11/29 jail with 11/29 suspended with 11/29 probation
Takita R. Nichols- 1422 N. Bellevue Blvd., Memphis, failure to provide proof of insurance with guilty plea $50 fine no cost; speeding, with guilty plea $50 fine plus cost
Gavin T. Palpallatoc- 4246 Eagles Hunt Road, Millington, theft of property under $1,000, guilty plea $250 fine plus cost.
Zachary Wroblewski- 924 Atoka Idaville Road, Atoka, driving under the influence, first offense $750 fine and cost, 11/29 jail 11/25 suspended; 11/25 probation 4 credit time served attend alcohol safety school revoked license one year, attend MADD lecture

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