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Roland joins opposition of Tipton County pipeline

Star Staff Reports
caNovaCopy-20171012160532MEMPHIS — Commissioner Terry Roland joins citizens in Tipton County who strongly oppose the State of Tennessee’s application to pump 3.5 million gallons of waste water per day into the Mississippi River, near homes and farms, flowing downstream into Shelby County.
The State of Tennessee has created a business Megasite in Haywood County called the “Memphis Regional Megasite” with 4,100 acres to attract new industry for the area.  Additionally, the state has decided to run a pipeline thirty-seven (37) miles from Haywood County to Randolph to dump 3.5 million gallons of waste water per day in the Mississippi River.  More details can be found in their application TN0081906 Discharge & NRS17.054 Pipe for Heavy Industrial megaSewage.
“I am extremely concerned about the Mississippi River, which in my opinion is one of the most valuable resources in Memphis and Northern Shelby County,” Roland said. “This type of discharge will certainly negatively affect the commercial and recreational fishing near Shelby Forest, not to mention wildlife (to include 43 species on the Federal endangered list), popular swimming beaches, boating, camping, etc.
“It is my understanding that this speculative development is not subject to an Environmental Impact Statement,” he added. “For these reasons and many more I join Speaker Beth Harwell’s call for a sixty day extension to allow for public comment so the people affected in both Tipton and Shelby County can have a voice.”
“I would also like to thank my friends in Tipton County who alerted me to this situation and I assure my constituents in Shelby County that I will never leave you unprotected and voiceless when it comes to the state,” added Roland.  A Facebook page has been established to help inform the public, Say No To The Randolph Poopline along with an online petition.”

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