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LETTER TO EDITOR: No play for Weakley in All-Star Game

Dear Editor;
All Star Carter WeakleyThis is my post on Facebook.  With this and the emails to the coaches you should have enough information.  There is no way they “forgot” Carter. We can’t fix what these two men broke; so our goal is to somehow get this out there in order to prevent this from happening to another innocent Elite Athlete.
Many of you have been asking why Carter never played in the Liberty Bowl All-Star football game this past Saturday.  I’m very sad and disappointed that my son, Carter Weakley, never got a chance to “Showcase” his talent, as he was selected to do. Carter earned his time in this game based on his performance during the 2017 football season (based on Max preps, he is ranked No. 1 in the State of Tennessee in Kickoff Returns).  Each All-Star player is supposed to be guaranteed time on the field, which gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent to the many University scouts, who were there watching each player for possible College scholarships, to the family, friends and community.  Carter was denied all of the above, because Carter never stepped foot on that field.
To say the least, he was shocked, humiliated, embarrassed and totally confused as to why he never got to play. As a mom, helplessly, watching this unfold from the sidelines was a very emotional, heartbreaking moment.  Very sad that this once in a lifetime experience had just ended, with no recognition, whatsoever! Carter deserved his time to shine, just as much as every other All-Star player who actually got to play.
The coaches chosen for this year’s All-Star team were from St. Georges; David Carter as head coach and Ben Todd as defensive coach. I would hate to think that these two men are so upset about a loss to TRA in a Varsity Basketball game that took place the Thursday night before the All-Star game they would “use” my son to get back for that loss.  The game that marked a first time loss to TRA in St. George’s history of men’s Varsity Basketball. The game that afterwards St. George’s filed a petition with the TSSAA against TRA.  A game/team where Carter Weakley is the starter and Captain.  There has been correspondence back and forth with these two men, and although, they both denied these claims when brought to their attention, I still feel in my heart that this was an intentional “payback” vs honest “forgetful” mistake on their part.  While they stand behind their Christ shield façade, they continue to read from their script …. ‘We dropped the ball,’ and ‘We forgot about him.’  End result, Carter’s All-Star team lost the game. I wonder the outcome had they played their No. 1 State ranked player ……the one they forgot was on the sideline?
Thank you all who attempted to watch Carter on TV, listen for his name on the radio, those who weathered the freezing cold and those that cheered him from afar.  Even though these two men took many opportunities away from my son (among them a possible scholarship), he is still “Beans,” and you know he will still make his mark on the world.

Lisa Weakley
Millington (via Facebook)

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