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Board votes to accept state grant to develop ADA Transition Plan

By Bill Short
Flag City LogoThe Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has voted unanimously to accept a state grant to develop a Transition Plan under the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Board members took the action during their Jan. 8 regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Frankie Dakin and seconded by Alderman Don Lowry.
The city has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation that requires $25,000 in local matching funds.
The project will include an ADA evaluation of all the city’s programs, policies, services and facilities. To provide “accessibility for all pedestrians,” the Transition Plan must establish “priorities and schedules” for completion of the improvements.
Development of the plan is required, so the city can continue to receive state and federal funds for public infrastructure improvements.
Mayor Terry Jones is authorized to sign any contract documents necessary to receive the grant.
During discussion shortly before the vote, City Finance Director John Trusty said it will probably be a “multi-year” grant to complete a “study” for the plan.
He noted that, after the study is completed, the plan will outline when the city will fund certain improvements. As examples, he cited curb cuts for ADA compliance and any modifications of sidewalks.
Aldermen Mike Caruthers and Thomas McGhee said they thought the city did “most of those” several years ago.
But Trusty said the plan will not just involve “roads,” because there are still “a number of items” in city buildings that must be addressed.
If Millington does not “do it this way,” he said, the state can contend that it has not done enough. “It can say, ‘We’re either going to cut you off, or we’re going to tell you how fast you’re going to do it,’” he noted. “So, this is the state giving us a way to stretch it out to make it most economical for the city.”

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