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Star Coverage Briefs February 15, 2018

MPD arrest man for Walmart gun theft
Star Staff Reports
A man was arrested at the Millington Walmart located at 8445 Highway 51 North Sunday morning.
The Millington Police Department took Larry L. Hobock, 29, into custory for allegedly attempting to steal loaded guns from Walmart. The MPD was called about a disturbance at the store’s gun section. Hobock was behind the gun counter and reportly removed three 12-gauge shotguns from the case.
He was apprenhened on location by the MPD. The investigation determined the suspect broke into the gun case with a tool before remvoing the locks to take the guns. The police was on the scene as the suspect was trying to remove the next trigger lock.
Ammunition was also stolen and used to load two of the three guns by the suspect. No shots were fired during the incident.
Hobock was taken into custody at the Millington Police Department on $250,000 bond. He was charged with aggravated robbery. The investigation is ongoing.

Millington couple charged with animal cruelty
Star Staff Reports
A Millington couple has been charged with animal cruelty last month.
Courtney and Randall Simpson of  Epperson Mill Road are charged in the case of starving horses according to investigators.
You can see a horse’s bones in one photo taken on the Millington property. Investigators say the Simpsons starved and neglected their horses. Three of them died. Arrest documents say the horses tried to eat bark from trees and one froze to death while trying to drink water from a lake.
Courtney Simpson has been arraigned on the animal cruelty charges and Randall Simpson was booked in jail for them. Uptown Carriages, one of the companies often seen giving rides Downtown, confirmed Courtney Simpson used to work for them in 2015.
The Department of Agriculture began the investigation late last year after people complained about the conditions at the house.

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