You Can See Him: Munford’s Warren Gaither gets a special message from John Cena

By Thomas Sellers Jr.
Emily and Warren Cena pic Emily and Warren interviewMunford High School senior Warren Gaither is no stranger to the spotlight.
He has competed on the Munford Wrestling team and is a championship belt winner after his own personal WresteMania.
But in January Gaither received a moment that would top them all. One night he was the special guest in the Munford Cafeteria when his attention was directed to the big screen set up over the stage.
All of a sudden, Warren’s hero from the WWE  and multiple-times heavyweight champion John Cena appears on the screen. Cena had a message to deliver to Warren that his best friend Emily Blank wanted to be his date to this April’s prom.
“I felt special,” Warren said. “I’m happy Emily did that for me.”
Cena noted Warren’s past wrestling accomplishments and gave him some words of encouragement. Warren went on record saying with a big smile he is better than Cena is the ring.
Cena reaching out to Warren started when Blank shared a post about her friend on Twitter.
“It kind of went viral with the community and everybody sharing it,” Blank recalled. “And it got the attention of the news station. Channel 5 ran a story on it.”
Once the word got out, Cena was contacted and happy to assist Blank on her promposal. Now others have stepped up throughout the community to make the night in April memorable for Warren.
“I cannot wait,” Blank said. “We’ve had a bunch of people offer some pretty cool stuff for us that night. Some of them he doesn’t know about yet. So we want to keep them a surprise.”
Blank will share the evening with Warren among all the SPED students from Covington, Brighton and Munford.
Blank is also a senior at Munford and was crowned 2017 Homecoming Queen. She is a member of the choir and sings at local events. Blank rests her voice by volunteering at the animal shelter and working at the Millington Starbucks.
Understanding a busy schedule, Blank said she is grateful to Cena for taking a moment out of his day to help her make a lifelong highlight for Warren.
”It means so much because it was during their whole 25th RAW anniversary,” Blank said. “He took time out of his day to do that. The fact he took that moment out of his day to do that for Warren brought tears to my eyes.
“I remember watching so many people crying watching that and knowing that the community came together for Warren,” she concluded.

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