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BREAKING NEWS: McCullough earns 2018 MCHS Valedictorian

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Jennifer McCullough

Jennifer McCullough

The Millington Central High School Guidance Department led by senior counselor Georgette Farmer transformed the MCHS Library into a venue fit for superheroes.

With a theme tailored for Marvel outfits like Spider-Man or Captain America or maybe DC Comic favorites Superman or Batman, the Guidance Department invited parents, family, friends, Millington School Board members and the Central Office out to recognize the 2018 Hall of Fame and Top 10.

Millington Superintendent Dr. David Roper stood beside MCHS Principal Dr. Clint Durley for the official announcements. The 2018 Hall of Fame members are Lily Morton, Jennifer McCullough, Donavon Hughes, Jaryn Hogan, Artis Hardaway, Emily “Paige” Hall, Caleb Gaia, Mark Coulter, Beatriz Barrera and Logan Albert.

Moments later the public address announcer LaTesa McLaughlin read across the intercom the Class of 2018 Top 10: Blake Dodson (10) Annamarie Keller (9) Jaryn Hogan (8) Paige Hall (7) Joann Jiang (6) Jonathan Faulkner (5) Haleigh Boykin (4) Grace Looney (3) Beatriz Barrera (Salutatorian) and Jennifer McCullough (Valedictorian)

“I was anxious because we were all so close,” McCullough said. “It was one point difference with all the others. I was just determined and sacrificed time. You work your butt off to get to it and I’m so glad I did. I’m just shaking right now.”

Jennifer parents fought back tears when they realized her name was about to be called last for the fourth annual themed announcement ceremony.

“Incredible,” Jennifer’s mother April said. “She’s worked really hard and overcome a lot. This is a really incredible moment.

“This is here moment and accomplishment,” she added. “She’s made this happen and paved the way. The Good Lord has kept her strong and she’s stayed dedicated. We can’t wait for her to give that speech to encourage her classmates to go out into the world and make a difference.”

The recognition of the MCHS Top 10 and Hall of Fame has seen a difference since Farmer has been in charge. Back in 2015, the seniors were called down to a Red Carpet Affair.

The following year was a basketball theme involving T-shirts to identify the best of 2016. Last year, the Class of 2017 got Golden Tickets to shine a spotlight on the Top 10 and Hall of Famers.

Farmer said the theme of superheroes was the choice for the Class of 2018 because they have persevered in their personal lives and carried the flag of Millington Municipal Schools since they entered high school back in 2015.

Jennifer’s father Jason said he is glad his daughter will be the face and voice of the Class this May and beyond.

“I’m so proud,” he concluded. “I’m just looking forward to more great things from her in the future.”


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