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Wise decision from 5-year-old

By Walter Bruce Hale

5-year-old firefighter 1 5-year-old firefighter 2Last month, Coleson Wisley, 5, was playing in his home. He grabbed a pair of pliers and plugged a device out of an electrical socket. His mother, Elisa Wisley, happened to walk by as she saw an arc coming out of the socket.  Noticing that Coleson was alright, she decided to use the occasion as a learning tool about electrical outlets and fire. She also discussed the importance of letting adults know when something like that happens.
A couple of weeks ago, Coleson was over at his grandmother’s house playing with his train. The house was being remolded and a large dumpster was sitting in the driveway. He looked out the window and saw the dumpster was on fire. He ran to his grandmother, Tina Trotter, who called 911.The fire department stated that due to his quick action, the fire did not reach the house before the fire department was able to extinguish the fire.On St. Patrick’s Day, he was honored by the Fayette County Fire department. He was the first recipient of the “Home Town Hero, and received a certificate. He was made an “Honorary Fire Fighter. He was given a tour of the fire station, taken for a ride in a fire truck, and was allowed to run the lights and sound the siren.

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