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All kinds of finds at Millington Craft and Vendor Show

By Thomas Sellers Jr.
Craft clothes Craft Janee's Jewelry Craft Karen with husband Craft Karen's flowers Craft Wooden FurnitureThe 2018 Millington Craft and Vendor Show brought in hundreds of area residents in from the cold Saturday into the warmth of the Baker Community Center.
The cold winds outside made homemade blankets and quilts some of the notable items to purchase at the show. The Millington Arts, Parks and Recreation Department transformed the main area and several side venues into the Craft and Vendor Show from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Patrons making their way through all the booths were exposed to several of Millington and South Tipton County’s hidden talents. Vendors were selling things ranging from homemade floral arrangements to costumed built furniture.
Millington’s Sawdust & Thread was on hand with homemade/made-to-order furniture. The pieces like end tables, nightstands and other wood furniture can normally be found at the Mid-South Marketplace Booth NO. 119 at 8323 Highway 51 North. To check out some of the original furniture, visit and Thread
Just mere feet away from Sawdust and Thread was Sanders Local Honey. Meredith Sanders represented the business she and her husband Chris found years ago selling local, naturally made honey.
Meredith broke down the bee harvesting process and how their business located at 4220 Meade Lake Road got buzzing. The honey is available to order by calling 517-7636.
After checking out some spring clothing designs and sniffing the Scentsy booth, a patron could turn the corner to even more hidden jewels. That is where Janee’s Creative Rage comes into play.
For 10 years local resident Janee has been using her hobby of making designer jewelry as an outlet and way to beautify others. With her mother Dorothy along her side, Janee showcases bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings with a one-of-a-kind look. She can be found on Facebook as well or by calling 649-9724.
Down the hallway, a couple could be heard sharing stories of Millington’s past. Now residents of Munford, Karen and Robert Lightsey were chatting with customers through a display of robust flowers arrangements. Karen’s Kreations was born in 1980. The Millington natives have made costumed wreaths with some having sports themes. Floral arrangements could be found in the traditional method or even in a high-heel shoe.
With more to offer, Karen’s Kreations can be found at 828-9303 or e-mail
For more information on all the vendors who participated in the show and future events, call 873-5770.

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