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MAC’s Student Art Show expands minds

By Thomas Sellers Jr.
All forms of art from the bright minds of Millington students were on display in the Harvell Civic Center Saturday during the 2018 Millington Art Council’s Student Art Show.
The creativity ranged from vocal talents to colorful paintings. From noon to 5 p.m., residents had a chance to listen to singing and music in the auditorium. Then event-goers stepped outside that venue to walk the halls lined with traditional, abstract, natural and creative pieces.
“We have this annually,” said Stephanie Abby, director of special events for the Millington Art Council. “We’re having several different things. We’re having band and choir performances. Then we’re having an art show including a silent auction featuring some student art work and some teacher art work.
“Then we’re having student art work for different grades from the area – Pre-School through second grade, third grade through fifth grade, sixth grade through eighth grade and then ninth grade through 12th grade,” she added.
The top three were awarded blue, red and white ribbons respectively. And a few green ribbons lined the wall for honorable mention.
“We have some literature pieces that have also been judged,” Abby added.
The awards were revealed the previous night so event-goers could see the Council’s Best of the Best.
Since the birth of the Millington Art Council, the organization has put forward an effort to grow the awareness and education of art in the Millington area. The Student Art Show is one of the group’s biggest events each year showcasing children ages 4 to 18.
“We’ve expanded over the year because we wanted to involve other areas,” Abby recalled. “Not just band and choir, it started as a band and choir recitals. Then we involved art pieces and a silent auction area.
“Then we wanted to do a kids’ craft because we have a lot of siblings of the students who came,” she continued. “We wanted to have something for them to do while they were here. And we also had a photo booth, kind of gives it a theater feel to it.”
Abby noted another positive effect of the Art Show is touching those who raise the upcoming artists, poets, writers and musicians.
“We want the community to know that we want to start art young,” she concluded. “Build a passion in students at a young age and then spread that throughout the community to the parents and grandparents as well.”
2018 Best in Show
First Place- Sara Metcaffe (E.E. Jeter)
Second Place- Oliver Lee (E.A. Harrold)
Third Place- MacKenzy Hammer (Millington Elementary)
Honorable Mention: Arwynne Gallenbeck, Mya Brandon, Ara Evans, Parsley Cullum, Jeremia Huntsman, Jorge Agular, Paityn Neville and Emma Hatfield
First Place- Cooper James (E.E. Jeter)
Second Place- Rita Weng (Millington Elementary)
Third Place- Kylea Hammack (Millington Elementary)
First Place- Matthew McGee (E.E. Jeter)
Second Place- Rani Robinson (E.E. Jeter)
Third Place- Kaylie Freeman (E.E. Jeter)
Honorable Mention: Evan Terlecki, Haley Bishof, Mya Sneed, Alexandria Johnston, Thomas Henson, Caeylyn Smith, Brock Musgrove and Carson Schroeder
High School
First Place- Caleb Rotenberry (Millington Central)
Second Place- Camryn Michael (Millington Central)
Third Place- Alexis Cates (Millington Central)
Honorable Mention: Brooke Harris, Chandler Wood, Haley Adkins, Alexis Jordan, Mya Perry, Brian Thomas, Enigenio Luna Pelanz and Trice Bean

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