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Some Self-Educated Smarts Does Come in Handy

By Otis Griffin
Quite a few years ago it seemed like when decisions were made each was thought out and analyzed.  I could be wrong but in the wonderful South, we referred to a quick fast finalization as being ‘rash’.   I don’t know where that saying comes from or where it is a going.  Maybe like a heat rash that just comes up on you unsuspected, uninvited definitely unwanted.  But Lawdy Miss Clawdy, it’s there and you have to live with it ’til you’re cured.
Friends, can you remember when you were possibly going to buy a brood sow, a got to have milk cow, or maybe figgerin’ out the location of a deep water well?  Modern day folks wouldn’t understand, but my smart country citizens would study on it, sleep on it, think about it, talk about it, many, many times pray about it and look at it from all angles.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears to me that today’s youngsters say, “I’ve got to have it right now.”  Continuing with, “forget the cost, disruption or down the road benefits.”  Oh well if there is a mistake, just tear it out, and start over.  However I really believe our predecessors were tougher than a “guv’mint” mule when it came to making proper decisions for all concerned.
You sho’ can learn a lot talking, rocking and listening on the front porch.  One thing that was not a propriety or didn’t stand out when my parents were trying to purchase a house on some ground.  At no time did the anxiety of questioning whether or not the educational school system was good enough to send us into the next millennium with some smarts.  Neighbor, do you realize our forefathers were proud of the savvy we could accumulate in some wooden structure or later a modern brick building?  We admit now the education received later from books was a lot better than my parents received in their upbringing.
My Southern Country sisters and brothers are loaded with experience, know how education, though maybe not out of a book or school house, along with caring and understanding.  However the most important is wisdom.  This is one blessing that can’t be purchased, begged or given and no school or institution of high powered learning can bestow upon a person.
Beloved, if you don’t believe it, go on down to the university, walk in and tell the head knocker, “hey I wanna’ get me a degree in wisdom.”  Ain’t gonna’ happen ’cause this is one degree the genius senior citizens had to earn all by their little lonesome.  This causes true ecstasy in my vision.   Now explain to this Einstein junior what you just said, and he’ll look at you like a Boer goat just stepped on his tootsie while squalling like shot with some hot grease.
Neighbor, I will eat some humble pie and admit, I thought I was a lot smarter than my parents when I was a youngster.  True!  However, as I got a little older, Momma and Daddy sho’ did get a lot smarter.  Did that ever happen to you?
American by Birth and A Southern Redneck by the Grace of God — GLORY!

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