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Atoka Elementary School Receives $5,000 Grant: Lowe’s Donates Money For the Art Dept. 3D printer project

Star Staff Reports
Atoka Elementary School has received a $5,000 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant for the Art Departments 3D printer project.
We are thrilled to announce that Lowe’s has awarded the Atoka Elementary Art Department funding for the 3D Digital printer project. Our grant application was based on the goal of improving the learning community at Atoka Elementary. We look forward to sharing the 3D Digital Printing Project with the City of Atoka community. This project will enhance learning through the development and creation of 3D digital art, of which is applied to a vast number of skill sets today; medical implants, international space station, engineering, robotics, prosthetics, etc.
This digital 3D printer project will provide a challenging learning environment that will prepare students for college and career readiness. This project adheres to our schools moto in enhancing student learning and it will begin with our Art Club students and transition into additional grades as the project grows. All students will be able to play apart in the continuation of this project. We plan on using the 3D printers to not only educate students, but to also help sustain the project through the development of products that can be sold to keep the project going. This project is projected to continue year after year.
“Our school and community will greatly benefit from this grant. We wish to thank our friends at Lowe’s for generously supporting this important project,” said Mrs. Rose Principle
“Thank you Lowes for your generous support in allowing our students the opportunity to learn such a great skill set that they will be able to carry with them,” said Mrs. Schwartz PTO board
“Thank you Lowes Corporate, and our Millington Lowes for helping us provide this wonderful opportunity of learning to our students at Atoka Elementary. I am excited to see what they create!” said Ms. Heiser Visual Arts Teacher
All K-12 public schools in the United States are eligible for the Toolbox for Education program.  More information is available at

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