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Millington’s Prayer for Unity

Star Staff Reports
Millington Vice Mayor Larry Dagen opened the 2018 National Day of Prayer in Flag City welcoming residents who came out to spiritually support their city in the Baker Community Center.
Dagen, a business owner, educator and coach, identified why prayer was so important for all categories involved in the program: Government, Church & Pastors, Military, Family, Education, Media, Business and the National Prayer.
The theme of Unity would be delivered in prayer by the guest invited by the City of Millington’s Alex Harris. Stepping to the podium delivering prayers were Faith Assembly of God Pastor Gary Forsee with the Lord’s Prayer.
The Government prayer was handled by Church of Rosemark Pastor Jimmy Davis and Lucy Baptist’s David Lawrence was up next to pray for Church & Pastors.
NSA Mid-South Chaplain Dave Mowbray, in uniform, prayed for the Military with moments of reflection and gratitude for survival.
The Family prayer was expressed through the powerful words of Richland ARP Church’s Kent Moorloch. He challenged for families to be united in the home in order to bring those values outside the their homes.
The Education and Media prayers were delivered by Millington Star Editor Thomas Sellers Jr. Sellers, the Youth Minister at Church of Christ at Ridgegrove, said despite discouraging reports about students and school shootings, there are many bright spots in schools with bright minds and those who are guiding them.
Patriot Bank’s Larry Jackson prayed for Business. He noted the growth in Millington over the last two years and lifted up those local business owners who have served Millington for decades.
Then Promiseland Missionary Baptist Church’s OC Horton Jr. had the privilege of the National Prayer. He brought in elements of all the previous prayers in his petition to God.
Finally Dagen returned to the microphone to express thanks to all involved and gave the final prayer of the night to bless all the petitions from the panel.
Across the nation, several Christians acknowledged the 67th National Day of Prayer. Each year, on the first Thursday of May, the U.S. marks the National Day of Prayer. Although the day of observance has its roots in the American Revolution, it wasn’t formally recognized until President Harry S. Truman signed a law to annually recognize it in 1952.
“The religious liberty guaranteed by the Constitution is not a favor from the government, but a natural right bestowed by God,” Trump wrote in his National Day of Prayer proclamation. “Our Constitution and our laws that protect religious freedom merely recognize the right that all people have by virtue of their humanity. As Thomas Jefferson wisely questioned: ‘Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God?’”

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