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Mobile world: Cellphones create new industry and jobs

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Last week The Best Sellers’ List brought the gloom of the smartphone.

Some people think the device that commands hours and hours of our attention will be the doom of society. But there are a few positives from the explosive growth of cell phones.

Mobile technology has had a large impact on the world economy as well as society. In 2014, mobile technology like cell phones and tablets have generated more than $3 trillion.

With so much money to make, the boom of smartphones has created and enhanced jobs. So here is a list of my top 10 jobs the cellphones has assisted.

10. Network manager

Somebody has to keep all those programs running on our phones. A network manager is responsible for a company’s data and placing the files so they can be accessed remotely. Network managers oversee mobile messaging servers and integrate wireless products into the firm’s network. For three consecutive quarters, networking has been cited as the most in-demand position in the “Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Index and Skills Report.”

9. Cellphone repair technician

If your phone is acting crazy or it’s been almost two years since you’ve owned your current device, to preserve its life you can pay a visit to your provider’s tech. Usually they are in a backroom guarded by a black curtain. Our babies are taken to the “emergency room” to meet one of these miracle workers. I figured out the reason they stay in the back hiding with their situations. If we witnessed what they did to fix our phones, this job would be obsolete.

8. Cell tower installer/Tech

Those who take on the challenge of climbing these structures have my full respect. With towers ranging from 50 to 200 feet high, those installer and techs keep these towers up and going strong so I can get a signal, use WiFi and enjoy my playlist.

Now they don’t add to the view of a neighborhood or a city’s skyline, but those towers are essential to our everyday life. So shake the hand of your local cell tower tech when you see him.

7. Systems administrator

Ever wonder who was responsible for configuring and troubleshooting wireless and mobile devices? That person works in systems administration. Systems administrators have had to develop knowledge of wireless connectivity to play a key role in helping maintain the wireless network.

6. Instagram models

Now that we’ve got the real jobs out of the way, it’s time to look at the jobs smartphones have created in the second tier. Social media is one of the main features on most cellphones. Along with Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, Instagram is one of the most downloaded applications.

With Instagram’s huge appeal, many folks have tried to make a career centered around their photos. There are so many “models” now. The country’s vanity is out of control, and Instagram gives them the perfect platform.

5. Cellphone salesperson

You go in to pay your bill and the nice people there greet you and inform you of the latest deal. No matter if you just recently upgraded or have the family plan, a cellphone salesperson always has a better item like a smartwatch, tablet, protective device or smarter bill.

Cellphones sell themselves and people seem to be loyal to brands. But we’re not loyal to our cellphone providers. Can you hear me now? You used to hear me on a Version phone. Now it’s Sprint. In about two years it might be AT&T. But no matter who your carrier is, they will have somebody there to inform you on the latest and greatest … insert phone type here.

4. App creators

Outside of a flip phone, if you pick up anybody’s smartphone they will have several icons around his or her Google Play or Apple Store. We download apps ranging from our banking to games. Your text messaging and phone are technically apps.

So there is a race out there in the world by some of our brightest minds to create the next big app to make us a little lazier. We can order food from our an app. We can play our favorite music from an app, and we can scan and pay with an app.

The ironic thing is you can find the word “app” in the word “apply.” And app seem to keep us from applying ourselves.

3. Uber/Lyft driver

I’ve been blessed not to have to use either driving service. And so far I haven’t picked up a route on the weekends. But anybody who had been a driver for either Uber or Lyft depended on his or her cellphone to keep things in order. It’s a smartphone app that connect driver-partners and riders. In cities where Uber operates, use your rider app to request a ride. Your fare is automatically calculated and charged to the payment method you’ve linked to your Uber account. Lyft is the app you use to get a ride in minutes. Just tap a request and a driver’s there.

2. Mobile good deliverer

Uber gave birth to Uber Eats. Since the creation of the mobile food service that brings your meal/order to your front door, local companies like DeliverMe Millington have popped up. Journal West 10 Media had the opportunity to ride along with owner Trey Asbridge. His cellphone was vital in just that one order. It confirmed everything and kept track on everything from the cooking of the food to how long it would take to get the order to the customer. A cousin of the mobile food deliverer is the grocery pick-up shopper. U.S. Americans love to eat but apparently we don’t want to see the inside of the place we get our food from anymore.

1. Youtuber

My guilty pleasure on my mobile device is Youtube. I watch hours and hours of programming each day. I have favorite Youtubers from Tommy Sotomayor to With the success of platforms and individuals, some children are wanting to grow up to be Youtubers. They want to be the next big thing to watch on your cellphone. You don’t need any acting skills, a great voice or even a personality. Just grab your phone and hit “Record.” Come up with a theme or concept like reviewing stuff. And you might strike gold.

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