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Public Safety May 31, 2018

May 16- 27-year-old Memphis male charged with domestic assault and domestic assault; 22-year-old Cordova male charged with failure to appear – non-payment of fines; 36-year-old Burlison male charged with public intoxication; 21-year-old Drummonds male charged with assault and assault;
May 17- 42-year-old Wodvila, Miss., male charged with failure to appear – criminal case;
May 18- 35-year-old Drummonds male charged with domestic assault;
May 19- 25-year-old Memphis male charged with failure to appear – non-payment of fines; 44-year-old Memphis male charged with driving under the influence of intoxicant, driving while license suspended/cancelled/revoked, reckless driving, headlights complying with prohibition against glaring and dazzling lights, improper display of motor vehicle tags; 40-year-old Memphis male charged with altering, falsifying or forging evidences of title, assignments or plates, compliance with financial responsibility law required, driving while license suspended/cancelled/revoked, lights required on motor vehicles; 22-year-old Atoka male charged with failure to appear – booking/processing;
May 20- N/A
May 21- 26-year-old Millington female charged with violation of an order of protection or restraining order, simple possession or casual exchange, failure to appear – booking/processing; 46-year-old Memphis male charged with driving under the influence of intoxicant, open container law, driving while license suspended/cancelled/revoked, speed limit violation, use of safety belts in passenger vehicles;
May 22- 33-year-old Memphis male charged with driving while license suspended/cancelled/revoked and violation of registration;42-year-old Millington male charge with domestic assault;

Fire Reports
Emergency Medical Call
May 13- 6974 Cold Springs Lane;
May 14- 5081 Easley Street 9; 7960 Harrold Street; Pleasant Ridge Road & Karista; 4772 Navy Road;
May 15- 5081 Easley Street; 4811 Navy Road; 3820 Micro Drive;
May 16- 8490 Highway 51 North; 8193 Highway 51 North; 5129 Brinkley Drive;
May 17- 6841 Old Tipton Road; 8181 Highway 51 North; 4928 Holly Lane;
May 18- 8552 Blue Creek Circle 101; 3560 Charles Bartlett Road; 5840 Highway 51 North; 7950 Memphis Avenue; 7950 Memphis Avenue;
Sprinkler Activated
May 19- 5081 Easley Street;
DUI Blood Draw
May 19- 4836 Navy Road;
Oil or Other Combustible
May 15- Shelby Road & Highway 51 North;
False Alarm
May 15- 6315 Navy Road;
Animal Rescue
May 13- 5014 Navy Road;
Carbon Monoxide
May 16- 5090 Copper Creek Blvd;
Building Fire
May 15- 5281 Navy Road;
Person in Distress
May 16- 6856 Juana Drive;
Dispatched & Cancelled
May 17- Armour Road and Mudville Road;
May 19- 7985 Martha Street; 5500 Victory Lane;
Disregarded on Side
May 15- 9450 Charles Bartlett Road;
Assist Invalid
May 15- 4831 Terrell Lane;
Motor Vehicle Accident
May 14- 8039 Highway 51 North;
May 15- Raleigh-Millington Road & Pleasant Ridge; 8323 Wilkinsville Road;
May 17- Highway 51 North and Bill Knight Court;
Medical Assist
May 15- 5054 North Avenue;
No Incident
May 16- 6343 Leamont Drive;
Water or Steam
May 16- 6445 William Osteen;
Electrical Wiring
May 16- Highway 51 North and First Avenue;
Outside Rubbish
May 16- 6880 Singleton Parkway;
May 18- Highway 14 and Pleasant Ridge Road;
Arcing, Shorted
May 17- 8221 Highway 51 North;
Alarm System Activated
May 18- 6646 Highway 51 North;

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