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Attention Shoppers! New-look Millington Walmart revealed to public with grand re-opening

By Thomas Sellers Jr.
One of the most visited places in Millington on a daily basis is the Walmart Supercenter located at 8445 Highway 51 North.
Residences of Flag City and the surrounding areas have made Walmart a part of the Millington economic machine since 1974 in multiple locations. The current home of Walmart in Millington has undergone changes for the past three months.
Last Friday was the time to unveil all the changes and invite guests out to celebrate the new and improved Millington Walmart Supercenter. Along with Millington Mayor Terry Jones, Millington Police Chief Mark Dunbar, Millington Fire Chief Gary Graves, the Millington Area Chamber of Commerce and dozens of other dignitaries, it was time to cut the ribbon with a Grand Re-Opening ceremony.
“It feels great,” Store Manager Larry Bean said. “It’s great for the customer. The new technology Walmart has advanced in the store and provided in the store like our new pick-up areas, new bakery department, our new soft-line innovations, our new sporting goods innovations and in the hardware and automotive.
“It all saves the customer time when they come into the store and shop a lot quicker,” he continued. “Also the new isle locations and the new apps to pick up with pharmacy. The new technology we offer in the store will really, really benefit the customer.”
For several years up on the highway, the Millington Walmart Supercenter has been the home to departments like Auto Care Centers, Bakery, Deli, Garden Center, Grocery and Grocery Pickup, Money Center, Pharmacy, Photo Center, Vision & Glasses, Coinstar, ecoATM, Fort Sill National Bank, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, MinuteKEY, MoneyGram, Redbox and SmartSTyle Hair Salon.
The updated Walmart has moved some of the departments like jewelry to create more space for shoppers. The Pharmacy has a larger area and more lines for patients. There is a new self-checkout area next to the pickup station.
These features should be easy to find with new labels, displays and marquees throughout the store.
“We made it more appealing to the customers with brighter colors, lighter colors,” Bean noted. “It makes it more inviting and makes you want to come her and spend more time her shopping.”
Friday morning shoppers stopped for a moment to witness the re-opening ceremony. Ernest Wiggins opened things with a prayer. Then Sheffield High School JROTC students Donald E. Turner Jr. and Brianna Flowers presented the colors under the direction of Sgt. Lewis Moore. After the National Anthem sung by LaTori on the staff at Walmart, Bean stepped to the podium to recount the process of renovating store No. 94. More than 50 associates played a part in remodeling the location.
“I spend majority of my day here at the store,” Bean said. “I spend more time with the associates in the store than my family at home. That’s a huge part of it.
“The associates make a huge difference here at the store,” he added. “Without the associates, I couldn’t do what I do on a day-in, day-out. We’re just not a business. We’re a family. We’re just living in different locations but we meet in one location to benefit the customers.”
Bean and Walmart wanted to benefit the customers by giving back to the community. Entities from Atoka to Millington received $6,500 worth of checks Friday.
Care Wheels, Atoka Elementary Art Club, Boys & Girls Club Hatchie River Region and Atoka Dixie Youth All-Stars each took home $500. The Millington Lions Club Foundation, Millington Fire Department and Millington Police Department all received $1,500.
Bean said the checks, renovations and celebration of associates goes into the mission of the Millington Walmart Supercenter.
“I would like to say that we’re the area’s Walmart Supercenter,” he said. “We cover everyone, Atoka, Drummonds, Raleigh, Covington, Bartlett. We welcome you to this area Walmart.
“We draw from around all those areas because we’re in the center,” Bean concluded. “We love to have those customers as well. Not only do the customers shop here, we have associates that live in those areas so those customers, shoppers and associates that live in those areas are family as well.”
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