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Cheer & Crush: New youth football-cheer program looking to bring the 901 together

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Tipton Crush cheer 2 Tipton Crush Cheer Tipton Crush helmet

Above: Among all the cheer practicing and football players stretching, 11-month-old Londyn Smith watches her two bothers.

Above: Among all the cheer practicing and football players stretching, 11-month-old Londyn Smith watches her two bothers.

Tipton Crush main 2 Tipton Crush main pic Tipton Crush mission Tipton Crush preview picThe dragonflies swarmed the football field at Orgill Park late last Monday evening.
Used to having control of the territory, the dragonflies slowly became outnumbered by the members of the Tipton County Crush Football Organization. It was time for the first official day of fall practice for the newest member of the Orange Mound Youth Association.
By 6:30 that evening, the field was taken over by coaches, parents, cheerleaders and Crush players.
“We wanted our kids to have more opportunities and play in a more competitive brand of football,” Crush coach and board advisor Martecus “Tee” Thomas said. “So we decided to start the Tipton County Crush organization.
“We named it the Tipton County Crush Organization because we’re borderline with Shelby County. We figured we would get kids from both sides. So we might name it 901 Crush.”
The vice president of Tipton County Crush is Matt King and the president is JT Bragaw.
“The people who played spring are now coming other to the fall,” Bragaw said. “They are looking at the differences between kids who are coming from other organizations around the area. They see the difference. It’s been very receptive from Millington and Tipton County. We appreciate all the support for sure.”
Tipton County Crush, youth tackle football and cheer organization began this past Spring. Now the organization embarks on its first Fall football season beginning in September taking on Memphis area teams.
The Tipton County Crush is targeting boys ages 4 to 12 and girls ages 4 to 13. The cheerleaders will be broken into two groups, 7-and-under and 8-and-above.
“It’s a good way to be active,” cheer coach Monica Doyle said. “It’s a good way to get to know the other kids in our community. It gives them a chance to be social with other people. It’s a good way to be athletic and build their bodies as far as their balance. They learn to work with others and be a team. Because they’re going to have to do it the rest of their lives.”
The boys will be made up of Bantams (4-6), Peewees (7-8), Juniors (9-10) and Seniors (11-12).
“This is something we’re building for the community and the kids,” Thomas said. “It’s something I can see going non-stop for years. This is something we’re trying to create. I am from Shelby County and there hasn’t really been any other competitive football besides SYS.
“With us bringing this type of football and atmosphere to the Tipton County and Shelby County area, overall everybody is on point with what is going on around here,” he continued. “We have a lot of things to offer. We do a lot of events for the kids.”
The children have spent time at the Splash Park in Atoka and conducted car washes as fund raisers. Bragaw said the Crush is quickly developing a family atmosphere from events to practices.
“I hope this league turns into something more than just football,” he said. “I hope this team turns into a family, a community. As we grow, this will go down as one of the best organizations in the area.
The Crush holds practice three days a week at 6 p.m., Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Orgill Park, located at 8988 Center College Road in Millington. Call, text, or e-mail for more information, Matt King 687-5196, Tee Thomas 491-9680, JT Bragaw 359-4490 and Monica Doyle (Cheer) 504-8679 or

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