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Integrity is focus for local heating & air specialist

By Graham Sweeney

Robert Smith, founder and owner of At Home Heating and Air, has been serving the Mid-South for more than 17 years.

After years of working for a heating and air company, Smith decided to venture out on his own with a mission for his new business — to create long-lasting relationships with customers by serving them with outstanding customer service.

In his years of service work, Smith came across “so many people who had been taken advantage of.”

He decided that he wanted to make a difference in the HVAC field.

“At Home Heating and Air was created to give customers a sigh of relief,” he said. “Our main goal when arriving at a residence is not how we can make money, but how we can save you money.”

At Home Heating and Air was recently voted the 2018 Best Business by readers of the Collierville Independent.

• When did you start At Home Heating and Air and how did you decide to go into business for yourself?

I started At Home Heating and Air in the summer of 2014. I enjoy the interactions and conversations I have with the people I do business with.

I started to notice that (similar to so many other service fields) the relationship building part of a business transaction was fading.

I knew hardly anything about business at the time but I knew that I didn’t want to continue on a career path where customers would become random file numbers.

• What communities do you serve?

I live in Collierville. Our office is here and the kids go to school here. So, we mainly try to keep our service radius to around a 15-mile area. This allows us to stay in the community with a very quick response time for service.

• What services specifically do you all provide?

We are a full-facet HVAC company and hold multiple licenses with our primary focus in the residential sector. We can take care of just about any home heating, cooling or humidity concern, from repairs to replacement. We can also service your gas fireplace for a repair or maintenance.

• Can you give me an example of something you all offer that makes you stand out from your competitors?

Our services are similar to others but our procedures would have to be the biggest thing that stands us apart. We give very tight arrival windows, pre-arrival courtesy calls, up front pricing, integrity driven work, warrantied repairs and follow-up phone calls when needed.

In this day and time, with so many issues of trust between service providers and clients, we really strive to make it as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

• Do you provide residential and commercial work?

We do not do a lot of commercial service work anymore. It took a while, but when we discovered that our best niche was in the residential side we really wanted to make sure we gave 100 percent to that.

• Can you offer any tips to our readers on ways save money over the winter while keeping their homes warm?

The first thing that comes to mind would be a standard furnace tune-up. Most HVAC companies offer some type of heating system maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend annual service on their equipment.

A proper tune-up can check efficiency percentage, fuel usage amounts, check for damaged duct work and ensure safe operation of your equipment.

A great tip is to purchase aluminum foil tape from most home improvement stores and go into your attic to look and feel around for air leaks or flaky loose tape that is currently on your system.

Sealing those leaks up is like finding lost money. This always helps.

Make sure to avoid the round exhaust vent pipe that is going through the roof though. It may be hot enough to cause burns if you touch it and combustible materials should always be at least one inch away from it.

• Do you have plans of expanding your business?

My wife and I have huge plans for the business that will expand the company in to many service fields. They are all residential service/repair related and will give us more opportunities to serve the community.

• What do you like most or take the most pride in regarding the work you do?

Our integrity! Doing the right thing even when no one is looking is a huge part of my life. I live with high integrity, work with high integrity and try to help others gain personal integrity.

We hold ourselves to high standards and our integrity ensures that we never fail.

• When is the best time for a general maintenance call leading up to the winter and summer months?

Preventative maintenance is always optimum before a season starts or gets really going. That doesn’t mean to neglect maintenance just because it is in the peak of winter or summer.

However, we can offer the max amount of efficiency savings if we get in sooner. Also, safety is very critical with your heating systems. Malfunctioning or faulty heating systems can cause serious damage. So, I always recommend that heating equipment be inspected as soon as you are able to.

• Why should Mid-South residents call At Home Heating and Air for their heating and cooling needs?

We care! We strive to make the best out of the bad times.

Nobody likes an inconvenience, especially when its is your heating and air system and it decides to become an inconvenience on a 22- or- 98-degree day and we know that.

We take your burden and make it our priority. We enjoy helping our community and treating our customers like our neighbor.

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