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Exciting Fall at Millington Elementary

Star Staff Reports

The fall season was a busy, productive one at Millington Elementary School.  Students experienced and participated in many different activities designed to enhance their educational experiences. 

First graders wrapped up their studies about goods made in Tennessee by enjoying a farm breakfast.  Students and teachers dressed in their best farming outfits and enjoyed homemade biscuits and homemade butter along with eggs, ham, and sausage.  Students were able to have a delicious hands-on experience with the goods produced by Tennessee’s agriculture industry.  

After reading about the World Championship Punkin Chunkin, held annually in November by the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association (WCPCA), third graders competed in a Punkin Chunkin contest by designing and testing catapults.  The winners of the competition took home gift baskets full of books and gift certificates donated by local businesses. Businesses that donated were Precision Door Service of Memphis, Chick-Fil-A, Dairy Queen, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hampton Inn in Millington, Zaxby’s, Los Pilares Mexican Restaurant, and Jones Orchard.  The winners were Olivia Hudson, 3rd place, with a distance of 33 feet, 6 inches; Hunter Buda, 54 feet, 5 inches, second place; and Atticus Scott was the first-place winner with his catapult slinging his candy pumpkin a distance of 58 feet.  The evening concluded with a Harvest Hoedown. Friends and family enjoyed seasonal songs and dances performed by the third graders under the direction of our music teachers, Frances Miller and Christopher Weiner.

Fifth graders spent October studying Newton’s Laws of Motion and enjoyed being able to test out these scientific laws.  Students in Wagner and Brandon’s classes worked in groups testing everyday objects observing the laws of motion in action. 

These experiences help the students apply knowledge from their reading to real world situations. 

Millington Elementary students ended the month by participating in the state of Tennessee’s state-wide mock election sponsored by Tennessee’s Secretary of State.  First and second graders cast ballots for governor, while third through fifth graders voted for candidates for governor and for Senate.  Students learned about the democratic process, civic engagement and citizenship, the roles of elected leaders, and the campaigning process. Millington Elementary’s results were 50.4 percent  for Bill Lee and 49.6 percent for Karl Dean in the governor’s race.  Marsha Blackburn received 62.7 percent of the vote from MES students, and Phil Bredesen received 37.2 percent .  According to the Secretary of State results, more than 56,000 students participated in this mock election with 65 percent  of the vote going to Lee and 57 percent  for Blackburn.

Great experiences and learning continue to occur at MES all year long! 

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